Wrapping a car or a vehicle essentially means covering its exterior body with a large vinyl graphic or decal. This wrap covering can be directly applied to the original painted body. Wrapping can be done for the whole body or parts of it based on our wishes and requirements. Wrapping instantly changes the car’s appearance and also gives you an option to remove it and revert to the original form, if necessary.

Car wraps Orange County
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Why wrap your car?

There are several reasons to prefer wrapping over repainting. Some of these reasons include:

  • The cost of wrapping is usually one a small fraction of the total cost required for repainting.
  • Since the wrapping can be removed, the original paint of the vehicle will remain intact underneath. This leads to a higher resale value.
  • Customisation with wrapping is limitless. You can basically turn your car’s appearance to match with anything from your imagination. It is an easy and effective way of providing individuality to your car.
  • Wrapping is a time effective process and hardly takes a few days.
  • Wrapping provides additional protection against sunlight, atmosphere and degrading environment.
  • The wrap requires little or no maintenance and the durability is also quite high. It can easily cover a 4-10 year period.

Where to find a good car warp service in Orange County?

There are many online sites like the yelp.com that provide a comprehensive list of all available Car wraps Orange County. The car wrap can be found in a multitude of services like Gatorwraps, SGPmotorsports, etc. You just have to visit their website and contact them for a quote and further details. You can take inspiration from their previous projects to determine your own wrap design. The cost will vary depending on a lot of factors. So compare and contrast the cost of various services before settling for one.

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