Fortnite iOS The Virtual World Of Gaming

Fortnite is a type of an online game which was released in 2017 and was made and designed by Epic Games. The designer is Darren Sugg and can be played on many platforms like play station 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, iOS, appears as a separate software.


Fortnite iOS is not a fully free game and they make the money by selling their v-bucks it costs around $42 in US Dollar. It is a player versus player battle royale game and can extend up to 100 players, who can play in pairs, single or group of four. Players are airdropped from a bus and then they have to cross the map of the game without using any weapons. Super data which is research firm specialized in the video games area said that Fortnite generated a lumpsum amount of around $300 million in the month of may and April. It’s a unique game with colourful graphics and contents that are updated on weekly basis. It puts one in a situation where there are 99 others playing and a battle has to fight to survive among them and to win it one has to be the last one to survive. The game also allows gaining more information that how can more things be handled while playing.

Characteristics of the game

  • It has the same share engine to play on
  • It is a light-hearted crafting game for the survival
  • Construction and crafting elements are present
  • Has a positive impact on the children or young people who play it
  • Develops the skills of reacting fast to things and also promotes teamwork and understanding in people

The game does not encourage violence or bloodshed which especially helps the portents to build a trust in the game that it is played by their child without any risk or danger.

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