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The concept of Fantasy Cricket is basically creating your own imaginary team using real-life cricketers. This game is based purely on your knowledge of sports. After creating your own team based on the cricket players you want, your aim is to rack up points. You gain points based on your player’s performance in real life matches. From the IPL to T20; players can play whatever their heart desires.

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Each website charges you an amount for signing up. After you’ve won a match the site deducts a certain amount for itself and then distributes the remaining money among the winners of the league.

How did the game work?

  1. Sign up to any fantasy games providing site
  2. Create your profile
  3. Choose the sport you prefer
  4. Join a league within the game forum
  5. You have to select a match from any of the on-going series
  6. You have to create a team
  7. Your team competes against other teams in the same league
  8. On the basis of the real-life match, your team will earn points
  9. Cash in your earnings

Fantasy cricket is a game of skill. What it means is that the players on the website use their skills at analyzing and their knowledge of the stats of every team player and the games they have won so far to make a calculated prediction as to what the outcome will be. The today match prediction is never conclusive, however, they can make assumptions and predictions based on the player’s past games and then make a decision as to which player they should you go for.

Although fantasy sports depend predominantly on analytical skills and logical predictions, there will always be that small element of luck that cannot be analyzed in the today match prediction and so ultimately the outcome rests simply on one’s fortune.

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