Living Your Dark Fantasy WithLondon Mistress

It is time to give in to your darkest desires. Dive deep into the world of submission and to know the side of you that you thought never existed. There is power in standing tall and there is liberty in lying at the feet of a powerful person. We have our own dark sexual desires that we are afraid to call out loud for fear of someone listening and looking deep inside our soul. Feeling something familiar? That very tinge of ecstasy down your spine? Then you are at the place that you have been looking for. London Mistress is giving you an opportunity to live with her and become the part of her life.

London Mistress

The course:

For a pre-decided period of time, you are to move in with the London Mistress and submit yourself to her will. You will be made to obey every command that she had for you; yes, every command. If you chose to turn a defiant eye then you will meet with the resultant punishment that the Mistress thinks is perfect for teaching you a lesson. All this is subject to your pre-approval. You have to submit yourself to her fully; it is only then that you can experience the truest kind of submission.

London baby!

During the course of this whole session, you will be living with the mistress at her London residence in a posh locality. You will have to pay for your own residence and expenditures. For 48 hours, you are allowed to feel only what the Mistress wants for you. Your pleasures and comforts are a wish of the Mistress, you will be getting only what she thinks is right for you. Mature men and women, both are equally welcome to get in touch with her for a session.

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