Organic and Natural Ways to Make the Best Weed and Grass Killer

There are tons of people out there who love gardening; it’s a great way to unwind after a long day and it’s rewarding too. After your weeks of hard work, you get to see the plants and flowers that you’ve sown bloom beautifully. However one of the hardest parts about gardening has to be removing all the weeds that have grown. Some people like to use chemicals and weedicides to achieve this. Most small-scale farmers opt for the cheaper weedicides as the safer ones are very expensive and not worth it when you’re using it to tend to a small garden. However prolonged use of these chemicals can harm your plants and that’s why in this article we will show you how everyday items from your kitchen can make the best weed and grass killer.

First make sure you have the following ingredients:

  1. White vinegar: Regular distilled white vinegar with up to 5% acidity works well, however, the 20% acidic one works faster (it is a little more expensive though).
  2. Table salt: Use the cheapest version that you can find on the market, it doesn’t even have to be iodized.
  3. Dishwashing liquid: Any brand is alright as you just need a few drops of this stuff. We use the liquid to break the surface tension of the vinegar; making sure it sticks to the weeds.

Recipe for weeds in your garden:

Fill up a garden sprayer with the white vinegar and add a teaspoon of the dishwashing liquid and then spray on the weeds. Spray the weeds, a hot day would be ideal until they are saturated with the solution. They are sure to wilt and shrivel within hours.

Recipe for areas where you don’t want anything to grow again:

For places like your driveway or the pavement where you don’t want anything to grow again:

Mix together one gallon of white vinegar with two cups of salt. Mix until the salt has almost dissolved and then add a teaspoon of the dishwashing liquid. Spray this mixture on every area that you don’t want any sort of plant to grow again.

And there you have it; two recipes to create the best weed and grass killer with completely organic ingredients.


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